Fast & easy: through LinkedIn.

Click on the fushia button:
“Connect your LinkedIn profile” or “Upload your LinkedIn profile”.

The page will open & there you:
- Add your email address.
- Add your mobile phone number so we can call you within 12 working hours.

Check the following boxes:
- Type of Jobs (what you’re good at/your hard skills);
- What Inspiring Employer you’d like to work for;
- No worries if you don’t know;
- The City you’d like to work.
In ultra very short:

Published job ads:
- Represent only 5% of the Company needs.
- They reduce you, are unrealistic, badly written, too good to be true.
- Make Consultants hunt like mad at this 5% neglecting you, the candidate and the company leading to lots of frustration for both parties.

We focus on a niche, one market, in this case the Mobile Apps companies.

We structure the needs of the Mobile Apps market in “type of jobs”: e.g. Scrum Master, iOS developer,... & enumerate the wanted, tangible skills. It is a clear & distinct list.

You get an insight in our Inspiring Employers through company videos.

You let us know what your specialty is and what Inspiring Employer you'd like to work for by Uploading your LinkedIn profile, checking the “Type of Jobs” box that concerns you & the Inspirig Client you like.

As we, the Consultant, don’t chase for the 5% job ads, we have time to focus on you & introduce you to our Inspiring Employers.
Sure, check the boxes of the companies in your area or simply upload your LinkedIn profile.
We call you anyway within 12 working hours, so you'll be able to tell us.
- The ‘type of function' enumerates the hard skill requirements.
- The aim of the 'type of function' is to get to the point and not scare you off with details.
- Before you sign your contract, you'll have a very clear & neat idea of what is required from you on a short & long term basis.
You'll burn in hell. :-)

No, more seriously: we don't advise you to go directly because clients who back our approach outsource for a reason.

Also out of:
- Honesty
- Efficiency
- Professionalism
- Coaching / advise by specialists
- Video CV
- Direct introduction to the decision maker with a strong application file (CV, video CV, technical results, references, etc)
- On our website you only see the tip of the iceberg, so multiply your chances.
An Inspiring Employer is a Company backing up our values of integrity & correctness towards you, the Candidate.
We believe in the virtuous circle of good attracting good, better better & excellent excellent.
They all have vacancies on regular base. Keep in mind that your application may trigger them to recruit you, even when there is no "official" vacancy.
- Access to specialised candidate market knowledge (max candidate pool).
- Visibility and authenticity of your company, higher your talent brand index.
- Efficiency, speed, discretion in your recruiting process.
- Proactive instead of reactive approach.
- Positive association with a recruiter caring about the respectful treatment of all candidates.
- Total cost of employment will be lowered.
Main reason: we help you pimp your social talent branding. A much more rewarding communication than just another ad on a job board: our media specialists will help you make an honest, realistic presentation of your company, its history, values, culture, business approach and employees.

- You attract motivated & informed candidates.
- You put your company in the spotlight of the targeted public on our websites as well as on the social media.
- Strong internal marketing towards your current employees.
There is no log in: if you want to change your profile: just click on "Connect or Upload your LinkedIn Profile". We keep you posted on where you are in the process.
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Our starting point is you. Not the job ad. That's why you won't find any. What you'll find are type of jobs and our carefully selected inspiring Employer video portfolio. We call them Inspiring Employers, because they are and because they back up our values. When you connect your LinkedIn profile, you'll be able to tell us what type of job your good at & which of our Inspiring Employers you'd like to work for.
Finding the right cultural match is as important as having the right hard skills. We help you with this through our Inspiring Employers videos. You'll feel straight away where you'd like to work. When we'll introduce you for your first live interview, it'll feel as if "you've been there before". In a good way. Both parties will come more quickly to the essence. Tell us what type of job you're good at & the type of company you'd like to be part of by connecting your LinkedIn profile. We'll introduce you to the right people for the right opportunity.
We take the time to get to know you and your professional ambitions: - Career path - Personality - Cultural fit - Technical knowledge - Where (geographically) do you want to work - Languages - Salary aspirations - Diploma & references - Motivation & ambition.